Dynamic equilibrium

A dynamic equilibrium is a moving balance.

Because change is a constant in life and in nature, almost nothing is static or fixed. Almost everything is dynamic - in a process of movement, adaptation and adjustment in relation to everything else. And at the same time, everything is in equilibrium - in balance.

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An example of a dynamic equilibrium is a rider on a horse galloping across a piece of rough country. As the horse moves to balance at speed over a variable and unpredictable ground surface, the rider moves to balance on the horse without upsetting the horse's balance.

Another example of a dynamic equilibrium is a surfer on a surfboard on a wave. The wave is constantly changing as it approaches the beach. The surfer has to move to keep the board flat, moving forward with the wave and often across the wave. At the same time, the surfer has to keep body weight and forces in balance with the wave's forces on the board and with the movement of the board so the rider doesn't fall off the board and the board doesn't come off the wave or lose speed.

An easy way to understand a moving balance or dynamic equilibrium is to think of cars going in and out of a city:
And the number of cars in the city is part of a larger dynamic equilibrium between the city and the towns and suburbs that feed it with commuters. If you look at the number of cars in the city and surrounds, there is a dynamic equilibrium but it occurs almost all the time instead of just outside of the peak periods. The number of cars in the suburbs and the city is roughly constant even though cars are moving between city and suburbs.

However, come the weekend or the holidays when people drive out of the city and suburbs to the beach or into the country, the balance changes.

And again this is part of a larger dynamic equilibrium between the state and the adjoining state or province.

And so it is in nature, where any small piece is part of a larger unit and this in turn is part of a larger one and so on.

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