Farm means more than just "farm"

On this website, the word farm and its variants or derivatives such as farmer, farming etc refer to a farm as well as to:

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This is whether it has been planted by humans or is just under some sort of human management. Animals may be grazing native pastures or rangelands. Yet they are being managed by a human and so to us that is a special form of "farming" called "grazing".

We include hydroponics, cattle feedlots and battery hens etc as part of the broad spectrum of farming. To some people, these are purely industrial activities. To some people, any form of intensive livestock is cruel.

However, we take the view that there are ways to manage livestock well in some intensive situations and some farmers are better at this than others.

On this website we don't cover the industrial processes of intensive livestock, such as automated feeders, nor do we go into the details of hydroponics.

But if you farm in one of those ways, we hope to provide info that is useful to you and that will help you to farm better. Just as we do for any other farmer.

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