Dealing with the Media workshop

You can write. . .

. . . so people want to read your message

And you can enjoy writing - whether it is to promote your business or service, to tell people about your art, to earn a living or for yourself. You can write for newspapers, magazines, the internet or write that book.

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Learn some simple ways to write so it works better for you and your readers at this Dealing with the Media workshop. In the workshop you will learn: And whatever you write with this new skill, you'll produce material that inspires your readers to feel good about you, your products and your services.

When we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, many of us freeze. Writer's block takes many forms. But this enjoyable way to write gets your fingers moving and holds your reader's attention.

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What this means

  • You'll enjoy learning this set of skills
  • You'll enjoy using them later
  • But best of all
    Your readers will enjoy reading what you write
It's about connecting, about chatting with your readers as if you are in conversation, rather than seeing yourself as Writer and them as Readers.

Then your words can flow and your readers can click onto your message.

This workshop suits people who want to use local or national publications and radio. It's also for letters, email, the web, books and stories.

When your writing appeals, your readers see more in it and so you get a better result.

Hundreds who have done this workshop have had their articles and media releases published and had the public respond well to them.

What happens in the workshop and what you get from it

The workshop usually runs over a day and a followup half-day or evening session along these lines:
  1. Before you come to the day, you do some preparation to ensure you get the most from the day
  2. On the day you write the bones of an article or media release including roughing out that key part, the opening paragraph.
  3. You take that home and flesh it out.
  4. You bring the reworked version to the followup session.
  5. In the followup session,
  6. Then after the session, you can see that it gets to the media.

So, if you do your part, put the effort into doing the work before and during the workshop and between sessions, by the end of this workshop you will be able to:
In the workshop we present material and processes so that you have the opportunity to achieve all that. We then coach you in any relevant areas.

You can benefit from this experience and save yourself hard work, struggle and errors by doing the next workshop.

It's in the Blue Mountains, a short walk from the railway station and it can be offered anywhere if you have enough people interested.

It typically runs from 10 am to 5 pm with a half-day followup a week or so later. The time and date for the followup session will be set by the group.

If that time and date doesn't suit you, I follow up with each participant individually, usually by phone and email.

The fee includes the day, the followup session (face-to-face or by phone or by email), clear notes, morning and afternoon teas and this guarantee:

If you are not satisfied, you get a full refund. All we ask is that you let us know in what ways you were less than satisfied. There will be no disagreement or unpleasantness, this is so we can eliminate problems for future participants.

If you have any questions, please contact me (Michael Burlace) using the contacts page link below. Telephone is my preferred method, but please note my time zone (Sydney, Australia) before ringing.

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Using this

Once you have completed the workshop and the associated exercises, you will find writing is
You will be able to produce a page quickly and effectively.

Your readers will enjoy your writing and they will get more from it than before.

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Taking this further

There are some resources listed below for people who are not able to do the workshop or who choose not to do the workshop.

And, if this page doesn't interest you, but you know someone who might benefit from the workshop, please pass it on to them. Thank you

If you are looking at a printed version of this page and you would like to visit it on the internet and get a stack of other info that may assist you, the full web address is

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You can learn how to make writing easier, more enjoyable and more effective by doing this short course, by using other resources on this website or both.

If you would like to contact us, please use this link.

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